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This twice-monthly newsletter is all about making room for creativity amidst the busyness of life. New installments on the 1st and 15th of each month.

I believe that time spent writing and making art is time spent exercising your creativity and developing your artistic skills, and that is always a good thing. “Wasting” paint is part of being an artist, so next time your inner critic says, “That was a waste of paint,” I want you to turn around and say with a smile, “Yep, that’s right, wasting paint in the activity I’m engaged in today,” and then get right back to what you were doing. “Wasting” time on drafts of stories and poems that you might never publish is part of being a writer, so when you’re inner editor mocks and ridicules your efforts, flip her the bird and just keep writing! If you’re reading to turn those inner critics and editors down and get back to the joy of being creative, this newsletter is for you.

This newsletter is NOT for people who are looking to find out how to make a living as a professional artist or writer. I won’t be talking about publishing, selling art, licensing art, marketing art, or anything business-related. There are loads of wonderful resources out there for those who want that, but that’s not what this space is about.

About the Author

Hello! I am Diane V. Mulligan, a teacher, novelist, watercolor artist, urban sketching enthusiast, folkie with a guitar and I’m not afraid to play it, baker, dog-lover, sister, friend, person. I’m what you might call multi-passionate. I might sound like a Renaissance woman, but don’t be fooled: There are loads of things I can’t do. I can’t do geometry. I can’t dunk a basketball. I be bothered to weed my garden or to vacuum as often as I should.

What I’m really, really good at is making time for creativity in my life. Although my day job as a high school English teacher keeps me busy, I have found ways to keep up my writing, music, and painting, and as a result, I am a happier, calmer person! It is my mission and passion to help others unleash their creativity and reap the benefits of creative freedom beyond the page or canvas because I think making art can improve a person’s daily life.  

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Diane V. Mulligan

Novelist, artist, and teacher from Central MA.